Val Verde School District Sued for Failing to Protect Students

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A lawsuit has recently been initiated against the Val Verde Unified School District, alleging their failure to adequately safeguard the students of Citrus Hill High School. Shockingly, it is claimed that the school administrators were explicitly instructed not to report a predatory teacher to the police authorities. This lawsuit highlights the grave concerns surrounding the district’s handling of such a serious matter, potentially exposing students to harm and neglecting their duty of care. The legal action seeks to hold the school district accountable for their alleged negligence and lack of action in protecting the students from this teacher. This case raises important questions about the district’s policies and procedures for addressing misconduct and ensuring the safety and well-being of their students.

Riverside County School District Accused of Contravening Federal Law

The Riverside County school district, responsible for overseeing more than 21 schools, including Citrus Hill High School, has faced criticism for its failure to comply with federal law and adequately safeguard students from sexual misconduct perpetrated by one of its teachers. This reprimand highlights the district’s negligence in ensuring the safety and well-being of its students. The incident raises concerns about the district’s ability to effectively address and prevent such misconduct in the future. It is imperative that the Riverside County school district takes immediate action to rectify this situation, implement stricter protocols, and prioritize the protection of its students. Failure to do so not only undermines the trust of parents and the community but also puts the welfare of students at risk.

Lawsuit Alleges Cover-Up of Sexual Misconduct

The district is currently facing a lawsuit for allegedly attempting to cover up sexual misconduct by former teacher and tennis coach Kelly Carlton Reck. Reck was charged, convicted, and served a ninety-day sentence for molesting two students under his tutelage. The lawsuit claims that there was substantial evidence of Reck’s misconduct as early as 2015, but the district ignored these facts and failed to report his behavior to the police. As a result, nine students fell victim to Reck’s sexual assault and molestation before any action was taken. Two of the victims, referred to as “Jane Doe 7100” and “Jane Doe 7099,” are among the nine individuals who suffered due to Reck’s actions.

Conviction and Sentencing

Reck, a 62-year-old individual, faced charges from the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office for nine instances of sexual misconduct. However, he only pleaded guilty to three of these cases. As a result, he received a sentence of one year of probation and was required to participate in a 90-day work-release program. Additionally, Reck was placed on a list of declared sex offenders and was mandated to complete a state-certified sexual offender management program. Furthermore, his teaching credential was taken away and ultimately revoked. These measures were taken to ensure accountability and protect potential victims from further harm.

Details of the Predatory Actions

Both the complainants, who are now 19 years old, were among the three victims for which Rick was convicted. Both victims revealed that Reck’s predatory actions started when they were in their senior years in August 2021.

Inappropriate Touching and Explicit Remarks

The victims revealed that Reck used to touch them inappropriately and make sexually explicit remarks in front of other students.

Unwanted Physical Contact

He also used to hug and lift the victims against their will. Reck’s actions became even bolder, and he initiated physical contact with the victims in November 2021. The suit further said that Reck kneeled beside the victim and proceeded to sexually assault her. No details were given about what the alleged assault involved.

The lawsuit against the Val Verde Unified School District highlights the importance of protecting students from sexual misconduct and the consequences of failing to take appropriate action. It serves as a reminder that schools have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their students, and any attempts to cover up such misconduct will not be tolerated.

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