#BoycottGermany: Viral Case of 2-Year-Old Ariha

The hashtag #BoycottGermany has been making waves on Twitter, capturing the attention of users across the social media platform. The trending topic revolves around a heartfelt plea to reunite a 2-year-old baby girl with her parents. The couple, who are facing the heart-wrenching reality of being unable to meet their own biological daughter, have garnered immense support from people worldwide. The trending hashtag serves as a powerful symbol of solidarity and empathy, as individuals from all walks of life join forces to advocate for the reunion of this family. The widespread debate and discussion on social media platforms highlight the collective desire to rectify this unfortunate situation and bring joy and happiness back into the lives of the parents and their beloved child.

The Origin of #BoycottGermany

Many users are commenting on the hashtag #SaveAriha without knowing its origin. They are questioning why baby Ariha Shah has been in custody for 1.5 years and why she is still not returned. They are directing their demands towards @GermanyinIndia, urging them to answer. The users are also calling for a boycott of Germany, wanting to show them who they are. They are tagging accounts such as @voiceforariha, @pradip103, and @PrinceArihan to join their cause. One user pleads with their German friends to give the baby back, using the hashtag #Saveariha. They tag accounts like @eoiberlin, @DrSJaishankar, @narendramodi, and @PMOIndia, and repeat the call to boycott Germany.

The Case of Ariha Shah

The case revolves around a 2-year-old baby girl named Ariha and her parents, Dhara and Bhavesh. The story began when the married couple, along with their daughter Ariha, traveled to Germany on a work visa. In September 2021, Ariha sustained an injury near her genital area. Concerned, her parents took her to the hospital for examination. Shockingly, a medical officer alleged that Ariha had been sexually abused. In June 2022, the German court made a shocking decision, condemning Dhara and Bhavesh for their own child’s sexual abuse. The court ordered that Ariha be placed in foster care until she reaches adulthood. This heartbreaking situation has left the parents devastated and fighting to prove their innocence.

The Fight for Reunion

Ever since then, the parents of the child have been unable to have any contact with her, and they have been actively engaged in a relentless battle to regain custody of their beloved daughter. In an effort to raise awareness and garner support, the couple initiated a campaign urging the Indian government to intervene in the matter. Expressing their frustration, they highlighted the irony of a developed country like Germany engaging in such actions, which has led them to question the notion of India’s own development. The parents pleaded for the return of their baby, directing their plea to the German Embassy in Berlin, the Indian External Affairs Minister, and the Prime Minister’s Office. Despite being granted visitation rights, the parents were only permitted to see their child once every two weeks.

Protests and Questions

Protests were organized at India Gate in Delhi due to the behavior of German authorities. The case has raised many questions about the rights of parents as well as the cultural rights of individuals in both countries. We urge our readers not to believe any fake stories circulating online until there is a new update on the case.

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